Lightweight Rugged Dependability

Reliability & Quality

When you pull the trigger you must know your weapon will do it's job. Dependability is of utmost importance. Vertex Ops stands behind every quality part we sell because we know it will perform every time.

Materials & Manufacturing

Vertex Ops has sought out manufacturers who are on the cutting edge of utilizing high-tech alloys and manufacturing processes. From Titanium, Super Aluminums, and Ultra-High Temp Inconel Alloys, we are taking the AR-15 to a level never seen before.

Simply Badass AR Parts

There are AR-15 & AR-10 rifles that look like every other AR out there and then there are rifles that are simply put, badass. There's just no better way to say it, and we specialize in helping you make your standard AR-15 or AR-10 badass-spec!

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